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m0ppy's w0rld

meddle not in the affairs of cats, for they are spiteful, and piss on keyboards.

THE ORIGINAL Master0fPuppets
2 November 1969
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FIRST NOTE: I AM THE ORIGINAL Master0fPuppets online. I have been Master0fPuppets on IRC, AOL, ICQ, etc etc since the start of them all. In 1989, when the first BBS was put up in Manhattan, I was dialing into it under the username Master0fPuppets. This little kid who is using my name on here is an identity thief. He WANTS to be me. He can NEVER be me. Nice try, child.

Check me out at http://www.fubar.com/master0fpuppets or even http://www.facebook.com/master0fpuppets

Also... I've got a daughter, Christine Marie, who was born 2/28/87 in Staten Island, NY, and her Mother and I had to give her up for adoption... I found her a few years ago on the net, but lost contact with her... :/
If you, or anyone you know, was born on 2/28/87, is female, and adopted, please let me know. I've never stopped thinking about her.